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The HORiZON Frameless Frame is the Picasso of picture-perfect. It caters to all sizes, ensuring seamless coverage from corner to corner. It’s the epitome of sophistication offering an elegant canvas for your graphics and radiating refined style with its edge-to-edge allure.
When making a statement, why settle for anything less than a masterpiece? 

Why Choose HORiZON Frameless?

Easy Peasy

Hassle-free installation is convenient with no nuts or bolts to strip and replace; instead, it utilizes user-friendly self-tapping screws, streamlining the setup process and eliminating the complications associated with traditional hardware.


Offers incredible versatility by effortlessly installing on any surface, including walls, windows, or even stucco without requiring additional reinforcement to ensure flexibility in display options.

Time Saver

Frameless frames allow for exceptionally easy graphic changes. Swapping out banners or graphics provides an efficient way to refresh content for different events or promotions quickly and easily.

Picture Perfect

The absence of a traditional frame means there are no borders or barriers around the displayed content, creating a visually appealing, edge-to-edge presentation that captivates viewers' attention.


Frameless frames are designed without visible hardware, providing a clean and seamless appearance that focuses attention solely on the displayed content.

The edge-to-edge aspect is particularly advantageous when showcasing vibrant or intricate designs that might lose impact within a traditional framed structure.

Their sleek and unobtrusive design not only highlights the displayed content but also offers a professional and polished look suitable for various settings, from trade shows and exhibitions to retail spaces, restaurants and corporate environments. Overall, frameless frames offer a modern and stylish solution for presenting banners or displays, enhancing visual appeal while maintaining adaptability and ease of use.

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