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Easy to deploy and easy to refresh, our custom made in Canada retail
displays increase foot traffic and keep your customers engaged.

Wall Mounted Displays

Wall-mounted displays are a popular and visually appealing solution for showcasing graphics, branding, or promotional messages in a retail or exhibition setting. These displays typically consist of a high-quality fabric graphic, often featuring a Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) system.

Suspended Displays

Suspended display systems offer a modern and dynamic way to present information, products, or promotional content. Their versatility, customizable features, and ability to optimize vertical space make them valuable additions to retail spaces, trade shows, exhibitions, or any environment where a unique and impactful display is desired.

Free-Standing Displays

Free-standing display systems are versatile and standalone solutions for presenting products, graphics, or promotional materials in various settings. These systems are not affixed to walls or ceilings, providing the freedom to be placed independently within a space and moved around as needed.

Proudly Canadian

Choosing Canadian-made retail displays supports local economies, reduces environmental impact, and ensures superior quality and ethical manufacturing practices. By opting for displays produced locally, businesses contribute to job growth, minimize transportation emissions, and uphold stringent labor and environmental standards. This investment not only promotes sustainability but also fosters a sense of national identity and community pride.


SEG graphics contribute to eco-conscious practices through their sustainable production methods and materials. These graphics are typically made from recyclable materials such as polyester fabric, which can be repurposed or recycled at the end of their lifespan, reducing environmental impact. Additionally, the printing process used for SEG graphics often employs eco-friendly, water-based inks that minimize harmful emissions and waste. By opting for SEG graphics, businesses demonstrate a commitment to sustainability while still achieving vibrant and impactful visual displays.

Caring Staff

At shomi, we prioritize building strong relationships based on trust and understanding. That's why we take the time to truly listen and get to know our clients and their unique challenges. Our dedication to caring extends beyond simply providing solutions; it's about fostering genuine connections. From personalized service to proactive problem-solving, we go above and beyond to demonstrate our commitment to our customers' success. When you partner with shomi, you're not just getting a supplier – you're gaining a trusted ally who genuinely cares about your needs.