The fastest way to drive traffic from your banners!

- Designed QR banners with your brand colors and logo
- Campaign landing pages
- All QR Codes are scannable without any app!

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QR marketing campaigns with designed QR codes, tracking, and reports!

Google Maps QR Banner

When this QR code is scanned, Google Maps location automatically opens up with directions to your store. Great for inviting buyers to your new store location or helping them locate your next live event.

Audio & Video QR Banner

These QR banners let your customers instantly view a YouTube video or listen to an audio file once as soon as they scan the code.

Event QR Banner

Allow customers to bookmark and save an event directly on their calendar by scanning your QR code.

Form QR Banner

Build signup forms, surveys, or get instant feedback from your customers. Directly engage and connect with your audience with a form QR banner.

Download QR Banner

Enables your audience to download a PDF, infographic explainer, or a how-to guide immediately by scanning the code.

Link QR Banner

Send your users to any link! Engage your audience by directing them to your website or social media pages.

Why Are QR Code Banners So Effective?

Most customers still find signage considerably more appealing than online advertising. Research shows that consumers are more likely to engage with digital signage or banners than a pop-up ad on the web. This is why combining a QR code call to action can highly improve your marketing campaign:

Track scans and analytics: You are not able to efficiently or quickly track your customers who viewed and engaged with your banners. Add a QR code to your banner and you can receive analytics and reports such as time of a scan, location, date, and more.

No need for an app: Users just have to point their camera at a QR code for a second and the linked action can be displayed.