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Layouts To Save Time And Money!

By April 15, 2018Printing

What’s the one thing we’ve all been taught by our elders? That “Time is money” which is especially true in the banner business. You can save both if you layout your banners following these simple rules:

1 - Print trim/cut lines right on the banner; it’s easy to drop it in the file once but much harder to mark every single banner on the floor. Crop marks are NOT considered cut lines!!!
2 - Print little marks where you want grommets. Refer to number 1 for advantages.
3 - Print a faint fold line for pockets. You’re getting the picture 🙂
4 - When doing multiple banners, DO NOT LEAVE SPACE between the banners. If two banners can be cut with one cut, you just saved yourself half the labour.
5 - IMPORTANT!!! Allow a minimum of 1” overlap for multi-panel banners, and then leave at least 1” of white material beyond the overlap for seaming/welding