Shomi Displays

We make eye catching visual displays that are easy to deploy.. & easy to refresh

You have better things to do

Than worry about your displays being the wrong size, having the wrong creative or arriving late

Never compromise on your vision by using off-the-shelf displays

Avoid the cost of missed deadlines caused by poor quality or late delivery

Stop dealing with overseas manufacturers at 4 am locally

Get the attention you
(and your brand)

Stand Out

We build you the visual display you want, while your competition settles for boring o-the-shelf products

Save Time & Money

Easy to roll-out, turnkey display that are easy to roll out and just as easy to refresh

Locally sourced, locally made

We are right here in Canada, easy to reach, easy to talk to, and fun to deal with

Join the many retailers who have simplified their visual display programs

We know the pain associated with implementing and maintaining an in-store visual display program. We have been supplying the most prominant brands with custom, locally manufactured, visual displays for over 20 years.

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Plan your visual display Project

Tell us what you want to build

let us present you with fresh ideas

Enjoy a hassle free roll-out

This is our 3 step process

At shomi! we know you are the kind of retail marketer who wants to oer your customers a unique in-store experience. To do this, you need to nd unique and eye-catching visual displays that help you communicate. The problem is, it’s hard to nd a local vendor that understands you and your challenges, and is not trying to push an o-the-shelf product on you.

We believe every retail display challenge has a unique twist that deserves thought and attention, you should not have to settle for less. We understand how it feels to not be heard. That’s why we spend time asking you questions, then thinking about solutions to your challenges.

For the last 20 years we have spent more time thinking about existing customers than we have aboutchasing new ones.

Book a discovery meeting or email us your ideas, so we can help you take the worry out of in-store display roll-outs and start increasing traffic.

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