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animated lightbox

The ultimate attention-grabbing, fabric frame

 These animated fabric lightboxes bring your printed fabrics to life using customizable animated lighting to draw attention to the important design features and branding you want to highlight.

These lightboxes are manufactured and programmed in Canada and are designed for simple graphic and animation change-out, so you can refresh your marketing message as often as you like.

What's Inside?

Cutting Edge Innovation

Our Animated Programmable Fabric Lightbox brings your printed fabrics to life using dynamic LEDs that are programmed to draw attention to the important design features.

  • Animation available in white and full RGB colour spectrum
  • 4” robust aluminum profile frames
  • Plugs into any standard North American outlet
  • Available in any colour


Are iMPAKT lightboxes back-lit or side-lit?

iMPAKT lightboxes can be either back-lit or side-lit depending on your needs.

What is the difference between back-lit and side-lit?

Back-lit boxes have a higher brightness and a higher price point. They also consume more electricity and weigh more. Side-lit boxes give you the choice of using no backer making shipping easy, and the lightbox itself less expensive.

Can I mount the lightbox on a wall? How?

Yes, with wall mounting brackets or direct through extrusion lip.

What sizes are available?

Back-lit max height is 15.5ft without seaming the print. Side-lit max height is 12ft without losing brightness in middle.

What info do I need to pass on to my installers regarding electrical?

99% of situations are plug and play. The other 1% is a standard/simple electrical connection which we will provide an instructions video and/or manual for.

Animated lightboxes are dynamic display systems that combine LED lighting technology with interchangeable graphic panels to create eye-catching visual experiences. These lightboxes can showcase moving graphics and lights captivating the attention of viewers and enhancing brand messaging. They are commonly used in retail environments, trade shows, exhibitions, and events to draw attention to products, promotions, or branding messages. With their ability to display changing content, animated lightboxes offer a versatile and engaging solution for showcasing dynamic and interactive content in various settings.

  • Retail Environments: In retail settings, animated lightboxes can be used to showcase new products, promotions, or seasonal campaigns. The dynamic nature of the animations can attract attention and encourage customers to explore further, ultimately driving sales.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Animated lightboxes are perfect for trade show booths and exhibition spaces, where businesses aim to stand out among competitors. These lightboxes can be used to create dynamic and interactive displays that engage attendees and leave a lasting impression.

  • Events and Conferences: At events and conferences, animated lightboxes can serve as attention-grabbing signage or informational displays. Whether used to highlight event schedules, speaker information, or sponsor logos, animated lightboxes can help organizers effectively communicate with attendees.

  • Hospitality and Entertainment Venues: In hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, animated lightboxes can add a touch of excitement and ambiance. They can be used to display menus, promotions, event schedules, or decorative elements that enhance the overall guest experience.

  • Corporate Environments: In corporate settings such as office lobbies, conference rooms, or reception areas, animated lightboxes can reinforce corporate branding and messaging. They can be used to showcase company values, achievements, or upcoming events in a visually engaging manner.

Whether used for marketing, branding, or informational purposes, animated lightboxes have the power to leave a lasting impression and create memorable experiences for viewers.