Does shōmi! print?

Not in-house, but shōmi! has the best connections, we got your back!

What do you mean Made In Canada? I thought extrusions were imported!

Wrong, we design our own dies and work with Canadian extruders to make our products.

What is turnaround time for a Custom Frame?

1 – 10 business days depending on complexity.

What is SEG?

Silicone Edge Graphics, basically means a piece of printed fabric that has a rectangular, flexible plastic bead sewn around it. Back in the day, the bead was made from food grade silicone, hence the use of the word. Nowadays, the bead is made from PVC or other secret-composite-stuff because it’s much more cost effective.

What do I need to know about printing to fabric for SEG fabric frames?

Oh, there is so much to know, read on for the basics…

On the topic of backlit SEG light boxes

  • A very popular fabric is Samba from Berger Textiles.
  • Samba should not be seamed together. It can be, but it will be ugly!
  • Common roll width = 126″
  • Maximum bleed = 124″ (but ask your printer)
  • Speciality print companies may be able to go up to 198″ roll width

On the topic of non backlit SEG frames

  • Speciality print companies may be able to print on Stretch fabric using dye sublimation printing (not for back lit).
  • This stuff can be seamed together and will not be ugly 🙂 You will see the seam, but it’ll be flat, we promise.
  • Common roll width = 126″
  • Maximum bleed = 124″ (but ask your printer)

Goodby Banner Finishing FAQ

Does this mean you’re getting rid of all your sewing machines?

No. But… keep reading.

We will still finish your printed material to the same high standard of quality you’re used to when:

  • You purchase any of our hardware products; we will finish your printed material to suit our hardware
  • You wish to replace prints on any past purchases of our hardware products.  Please note: if you require us to pull archive files for finishing specs (from 2016 to present) you must provide us with the original shomi! Invoice # or the shomi! Sales Order # or your company’s Purchase Order #.

Here’s the BUT; we will not finish your printed material if:

  • You have existing hardware from another manufacturer.
  • If your print order does not require hardware such as banners mounted directly to a wall.

Why are you doing this again?

The answer is simple. When we don’t make the hardware, we can no longer guarantee that our finishing/sizing will fit as expected.

Why? What has changed that you can no longer guarantee fit?

The variety of fabrics and printing techniques is increasing. Each fabric/printer combination presents a unique challenge.

Do tell me more.

Printed Fabrics
  • The variety of fabrics on the market are growing rapidly.
  • Some fabrics stretch in all directions, some in one direction, some hold ink very well, some do not. There is no predictability anymore.
  • Most of today’s fabrics end up being installed into SEG frames, each frame has it’s own bead size, there are literally dozens of bead sizes out there and using the wrong bead will result in a graphic that does not fit.
  • The choices of printers on the market are growing rapidly.
  • There is dye sublimation, UV and Latex inks, each one has a different effect on the stretch factor of the multitude of fabrics.
  • Heat applied by the printer changes the stretch properties of each fabric

Combine these factors and there is almost no predictability of how to cut the fabric so that it will be a tight fit; this means we can no longer guarantee that our work will fit your hardware. What good are we to you if we can’t guarantee our work? I mean do we really want to anger our customers by sending out prints that don’t fit? Cuz that’s how you anger customers…

We want happy customers… hence this move 🙂