free standing

Free-standing FABRiK frames combine the versatility of fabric graphics with the convenience of a standalone display.


These frames feature a sturdy base and upright poles that support the fabric graphic, allowing it to stand independently without the need for additional support or mounting hardware.

One of the key advantages of free-standing FABRiK frames is their portability and ease of setup. Unlike wall-mounted frames, which require mounting hardware and may be limited by wall space, free-standing frames can be placed virtually anywhere, making them ideal for trade shows, events, retail environments, and more.

Their freestanding nature also means they can be easily repositioned or moved as needed.


  • Sleek and versatile profile to meet your exact branding needs
  • Single-sided or double-sided
  • Wall mountable, hanging or free-standing
  • Available with lit and sequenced lighting


  • The best-seller, this robust frame can be tailored to your specific needs
  • Single-sided or double-sided
  • Standard flat or curved frame
  • Wall mountable, hanging or free-standing
  • Available with lit, sequenced and animated lighting

Free-standing FABRiK frames offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, with the fabric graphic providing a high-quality, vibrant print that attracts attention and enhances brand visibility. The fabric graphic is typically stretched taut across the frame, creating a seamless and professional appearance.

These frames come in various sizes and configurations, allowing for customization to fit your specific needs and space requirements. Some free-standing FABRiK frames even offer additional features such as backlighting or shelving options, further enhancing their versatility and functionality.

Overall, free-standing FABRiK frames are a versatile and effective solution for creating impactful visual displays that command attention and promote brand awareness. Their portability, ease of setup, and customizable design make them an excellent choice for businesses looking to make a memorable impression at events or in retail environments.

Fabric frames are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of settings to create impactful visual displays. Some of the best uses of fabric frames include:

  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Fabric frames are ideal for trade show booths and exhibition displays. Their lightweight and portable design make them easy to transport and set up, while their vibrant fabric graphics attract attention and draw visitors to your booth.
  • Retail Environments: Fabric frames are perfect for retail stores and showrooms. They can be used to create eye-catching window displays, promote new products or promotions, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.
  • Corporate Events and Conferences: Fabric frames can be used at corporate events, conferences, and meetings to create branded backdrops, signage, and stage backdrops. Their professional appearance and customizable design make them a popular choice for corporate branding and messaging.
  • Restaurants and Hospitality: Fabric frames can be used in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality settings to create dynamic and engaging decor elements. They can be used to display menu boards, promotional graphics, or decorative artwork that enhances the ambiance of the space.
  • Museums and Galleries: Fabric frames are often used in museums, galleries, and cultural institutions to display artwork, photographs, and informational graphics. Their sleek design and customizable sizing make them an excellent choice for showcasing exhibits and engaging visitors.

Overall, fabric frames offer a versatile and effective solution for creating impactful visual displays in a wide range of settings. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, enhance your retail environment, or showcase artwork, fabric frames provide a stylish and customizable option to meet your needs.