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Graphic furniture that integrates innovation with functional design, superior craftsmanship, and captivating aesthetic appeal.

SEG lightbox furniture combines the functionality of traditional furniture with the visual impact of illuminated fabric graphics. These innovative pieces of furniture feature built-in LED lighting systems and fabric panels with silicone edges that fit seamlessly into the frame, creating a sleek and vibrant display surface.

One of the key advantages of SEG lightbox furniture is its versatility. These pieces can serve multiple purposes, such as seating, tables, counters, or partitions, while also doubling as illuminated displays for branding, messaging, or decorative purposes. They are often used in retail environments, trade shows, events, and corporate spaces to create immersive and visually striking experiences.

  • Available in custom colours and sizes
  • Can be illuminated for greater iMPAKT
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting reduces energy costs and environmental impact
  • Graphics are vibrant and recyclable
  • Graphics can easily be changed at store level
  • 24/7 advertising, even when your business is closed

SEG lightbox furniture comes in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit different needs and spaces. From simple benches and tables to elaborate modular seating arrangements, there are countless options available to fit any design aesthetic or functional requirement. Some SEG lightbox furniture even offers additional features such as built-in charging ports, storage compartments, or adjustable lighting settings, further enhancing their versatility and functionality.

Overall, SEG lightbox furniture offers a stylish and innovative solution for integrating illuminated graphics into furniture pieces. Whether you’re looking to create a dynamic retail display, an eye-catching event setup, or a branded seating area, SEG lightbox furniture provides a customizable and visually impactful option to elevate your space and captivate your audience.

SEG graphic furniture finds ideal applications in various commercial and public spaces, including:

  • Retail Stores: SEG graphic furniture can be used in retail environments for product displays, promotional stands, signage, and branding elements. It helps retailers create immersive shopping experiences, highlight featured products, and reinforce brand identity.

  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Furniture with SEG graphics is commonly used in trade show booths and exhibition spaces. It serves as eye-catching backdrops, information kiosks, product showcases, and branding displays, helping exhibitors attract visitors and effectively communicate their messages.

  • Corporate Offices: In corporate settings, SEG graphic furniture can be utilized for reception desks, conference room tables, lobby displays, and office partitions. It enhances the professional appearance of the workspace, reinforces corporate branding, and provides informative or inspirational messaging.

  • Event Venues: SEG graphic furniture is often incorporated into event venues, including banquet halls, conference centers, and event spaces. It serves as registration desks, sponsor displays, directional signage, and stage backdrops, contributing to the overall ambiance and branding of the event.

  • Hospitality Establishments: Hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues can benefit from SEG graphic furniture for enhancing guest experiences. It can be used for menu boards, wayfinding signage, decorative partitions, and themed décor elements, creating visually appealing and immersive environments.

  • Educational Institutions: SEG graphic furniture can be found in schools, universities, libraries, and educational facilities. It serves as informational displays, directional signage, student collaboration areas, and branded installations, fostering engagement and communication within the academic environment.

  • Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals, clinics, and medical offices, SEG graphic furniture can be used for wayfinding signage, waiting area displays, patient information boards, and branded elements. It helps create a welcoming and informative environment for patients, visitors, and staff.

Overall, SEG graphic furniture is versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in commercial, public, and institutional spaces. Its ability to combine functional furniture with customizable graphics makes it a valuable asset for enhancing branding, communication, and visual appeal in many different environments.