DYNAMiK Graphic furniture integrates innovation with functional design, superior craftsmanship, and captivating aesthetic appeal.

Lightbox Desk

Why Choose DYNAMiK?

Increased Visibility

Enhanced visibility to set your business apart and draw in more customers.

Elevated brand recognition

Furniture designed
with your brand colors and logo, making for a powerful branding tool that helps increase brand recognition.

24/7 advertising

DYNAMiK promotes your business round the clock. Even during off-hours, your custom furniture continues to draw in potential customers.

Eco Concious

Modern LED lighting is highly energy-efficient, reducing your energy costs and environmental impact.

photo of Lightbox furniture made by shomi!

DYNAMiK Features

Comes in custom colors and sizes

Eye catching
Can be illuminated for greater iMPAKT

Eco Friendly
Vibrant graphics that are also recyclable

Practical & Convenient
Swap out fabric graphics easily at the store level for quick and easy updates

Let Us Show You How!

Contact us today to find out how our graphic lightbox furniture can boost your business in 2024.