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Discover Why Good Signage Can Affect Customer Buying Habits!

By Signage
Signage improves communication. It remains one of the most visible and affordable parts of brand communication. Outdoor signage and window graphics can tremendously impact the performance of any business. Your signs can do more than just inform, however. Customers make purchase decisions quickly and they tend to take actions faster through graphics, rather than receiving direction by a person.
To help overcome traditional boundaries and engage with your customers better, we created our new Smart Stand fabric display for indoor usage! With our Smart Stand fabric display, you can showcase different messages and expose your customers to a variety of brand and marketing impressions, during their visit to your retail store, or during a trade show.
Signage can be a continuous marketing campaign that is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This creates a consistent way to promote your products and to be in touch with your store or trade show booth traffic at all times. An additional advantage of on-site signage is that your employees can see the presence of your brand. This can be a tool to help promote culture, team building and loyalty for your brand. Properly implemented, product information can also become a powerful tool that informs, inspires, and entertains customers. It helps you stand out from the competition with creative layout and signage content at the point of purchase.
Use your Smart Stand to set up a guided tour, or send customers on a journey while they visit your store. Think about how IKEA has been using its printed signage to guide customers to different sections of their store. Signage eliminates a lot of customer questions and creates a smoother experience for everyone involved. Our Smart Stands allow you to inform your customers about your latest arrivals, bestsellers, and promotions. Guide them through your business so they can easily find what they are looking for. For example dressing rooms, cashiers, and other areas in your shop. Help them understand what to do and where to go!
Always Keep in mind, content attracts the eye, but useful content encourages customers to take action. Strategically placed displays can boost engagement with your customers. Your signs should always be placed in heavy traffic areas of your store. Also try to consistently use the same fonts, colors, and themes in your graphics. This generates memorable and easy to recognize elements for your brand, which in the long run builds loyalty. The greater your awareness, the easier it is to build the reputation of your brand. This eventually leads to repetitive purchases and greater customer engagement. Signage is an important element in promoting brand recognition!
Introduce new products inside your store or inform customers about an ongoing sale. Show your latest arrivals, best sellers or special events. Add value where it’s needed, in no time and without using any special tools. Our light smart stands are easy to carry on the road, to trade shows or promotional events. Successful companies use a variety of signage inside and outside of their stores. This helps them increase sales and boost pedestrian traffic. Try using new digital technologies like QR codes, Augmented Reality or simple web links. You are now able to provide more details about a specific product or offer. Always include social media and website information in your design. Keep your messaging simple and avoid using long text in your smart stand graphic.
Be sure to include a call to action in case you are using our Smart Stands to promote a product. Use phrases like “Browse Now!”, “Select Your Size” or “Try Them On!” to impact a customer’s purchasing behaviour. Use emotional messages like “Have a great day! ” or “Thank you for shopping with us” to deeply affect customer loyalty and the experience in your store. We help you create the necessary signage that attracts customers and solves your advertising needs. With excellent customer service, state-of-the-art production equipment, and design services, we offer the best solutions for your signage.

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