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Our Animated Programmable Fabric Lightbox brings your printed fabrics to life using dynamic LEDs that are programmed to draw attention to the important design features.

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HOW DO I INSTALL THIS? If you have the wall mount version, it comes with mounting brackets on the inside. You fasten it directly to the wall. If you have the suspended version, it comes with hanging points that you fasten to the ceiling. If you have the floor standing version… need you ask? (cue laughter).

DOES IT SHIP ASSEMBLED? Smaller sizes yes, larger sizes can but most times don’t; but they are very easy to assemble and come with instructions.

DO I NEED AN ELECTRICIAN? Nope, plug it in and walk away… unless of course you want it hardwired, but why would you?

CAN IT BE SUSPENDED? Hmm, it can but this product gets real heavy real fast as the size goes up. Talk to us about this one.

HOW DO I PRINT THE BANNER FOR THIS FRAME? Print size should be frame size + 1” of bleed on all sides.

WHAT KIND OF FABRIC SHOULD I BE PRINTING ON? Print on a high-quality backlit fabric such as Samba.

DO YOU DO CSA OR UL CERTIFICATION? shomi! is a certified UL shop. We manufacture all of our products using UL standards. If you want it UL certified, just ask.

WHAT COLOUR TEMPERATURE ARE THE LIGHTS? Standard colour temperature is range 6000 k – 8000 k. Other temperatures are available upon request.

WHAT IS THE VOLTAGE OF THE LEDS? 5 Volts DC and it plugs into a standard North American 110 volt wall receptacle.

WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT LUMINOUS EFFICACY? Lots of things, but we won’t get into to that now 🙂