Canadian manufacturer of futuristic, interactive, unique displays and structures. When you want to make your brand stand out, shomi! shows you how. For over 20-years we have been supplying some of the largest companies in the world with the products they require to grab their customers’ attention – have a look at a sample of some of the work we have completed in our Gallery Section. If you can dream it, we can build it. Heck, if you can’t dream it and need help, we can do that too. We are passionate experts that love this work and want to see your vision come to life. We also love a good challenge, so if someone else has told you it cannot be done, give us a chance to show you how it can be done.



We are a positive, fun, helpful and respectful bunch.


We keep our word even when it’s difficult, inconvenient or expensive.


We listen, get to know you and really understand your challenges.


We bring the cool and unconventional to the industry.


We look for ways to improve ourselves… All the time!

Meet Our Team


Chief Display Problem Solver

App loving, Beard wearing visionary. Lover of back country camping and single malt scotch. Favorite Music genre: electronic dance, Favourite pass-time: creating cool s&%t. Three-way tie for coolest dad.



A collector of letters, CPA, CA and CBV, when a number needs crunching he is our man. When not working with numbers, you are likely to find him watching the Maple Leafs and Raptors, eating Pizza or Sushi, snowboarding or playing guitar.


Chief Connection Catalyst

#1 cool dad. Conscientious, respectful, world's greatest listener/self-proclaimed superhero alter-ego, sci-fi and coffee enthusiast, problem-hating-solution-provider. Favorite TV character; Fresh Prince of Belair.


Operations Genius

Talented musician, efficiency affectionato and operations geek. Favorite food: Ghoremeh Sabzi (google it!)


Project Management Wizard

Lover of Korean and Greek food, ice cream is her kryptonite. She can be found wandering through interesting places, posting pics of her pooch on Instagram or watching Harry Potter again and again and AGAIN? She loves bringing smiles to faces, all kinds of faces; our team’s faces, our customers’ faces and puppies’ faces 🙂


Finishing Mastermind

The operator of Canada’s largest sewing machine, professional tailor, a semi-professional food critic who enjoys long walks on the beach and being the number one dad at shomi!


Production Guru

When she’s indoors she is THE prototype old-timie mom. You will find her at home…. baking, cooking, knitting, and sewing; but once she steps outside. this Fabrication supernova enjoys hunting, camping, and fishing. She’s creative, effective and deadly with a bow and arrow.


Engineering Dynamo

Our Engineering Dynamo is more than just thermodynamics, math and science. When not helping to design and fabricate shomi!’s innovative roster of products, he’s dominating the volleyball court or the cricket pitch. If you want to find out how he manages to juggle all that AND practice his hobby of bathroom karaoke, invite him out for his favorite Indian food or pizza.


When we can tear him away from his job, this Manufacturing Mastermind can be found in the mountains climbing or below water scuba diving. The keys to his heart are photographing wildlife, listening to Jaymes Young (check out the video Happiest year) or watching Jurassic Park while enjoying a rib-eye and the “occasional” sip of craft beer.


Our resident fashion designer has many hobbies: sewing, cooking, entertaining friends and taking care of her family are at the top of the list. When she’s not taking care of everyone else, she’s taking care of business at shomi!



When it comes to building stuff, she’s our fabrication Jedi! A master of woodworking, sewing, horseback riding and hiking, she’s the one to call when you are having a bonfire!
Her only weaknesses might be craft beer and board games.


Metal Fabrication

  • Extrusion bending
  • Extrusion cutting
  • Tube swaging
  • Tube bending
  • Tube end forming

Textiles: We are proud to have Canada’s largest sewing surface

  • RF seaming / RF welding on a 50 foot long automated RF welder
  • Heavy duty industrial single and double needle sewing
  • Light duty fabric serging
  • Banner finishing
  • Awning finishing
  • Commercial upholstery
  • Vinyl seaming / welding
  • Mesh seaming /welding
  • Fabric seaming


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