“Our clients’ challenges come in many shapes and forms. Having the Team at shomi! on our side, is like having an ace up our sleeve. Whether the challenge is sheer magnitude, custom design related, rush timing or logistics based, I can ALWAYS count on them to step up with a smile.”
- Mike Miller at ICON Digital Productions

"The team at shomi! Inc. is beyond exceptional to work with. YOU GUYS/GALS ARE THE BEST! :)”
- Amanda Arnot at Category 5

“shomi! has been a trusted and valuable partner to Big Picture Imaging since we opened our doors in 2004."
- Brian Spiteri at BIG Picture Imaging

“I love working with shomi! no matter the project, they leave a smile on my face."
- Kinga Krawczykiewicz at Lowe Martin Group

“When our retail customers have tight deadlines for their store openings, we know we can count on shomi! to deliver what they promise, when they promise. They haven’t missed a deadline yet!"
- Paul Calhoun at Sunset Neon Products

"Serving the entertainment industry, I must meet unique and complex demands. No matter the size of the project the team at shomi! always come back with a firm “No problem, we will get it done!”
- Matt Cone at Cameron Advertising

"Working with these guys is the best… Great service, CHECK. On-time delivery, CHECK. Funny as F%$#, CHECK!"
-Joyce Layno at Images Advertising Creations

"Over the last 20 years I have witnessed the evolution of shomi! from a small banner shop to one of the foremost fabricators of custom display hardware. They have been my go-to-guys for all sorts of interesting challenges and they always make me look good."
- Greg Donais at Certa Opportune

"We deal with big name retailers and confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We trust shomi! so much that we ask them to collaborate directly with our customers to solve their challenges!"
- Patty Kruka at TI Group