Metal Fabrication


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At shomi we have a wide range of metal fabrication expertise. If we can't do it in-house, we reach out to our Met-Fab. partners. The following services are available for your custom job:

  • Tube bending: Our specialty is bending 1.25 tube. Working primarily with aluminium, we are capable of handling pipe and tube bending, tube notching, punching, drilling and fabricating. We work with square, round and rectangular tubing.

  • Aluminium Cutting: We design our extrusion and “cut to size” in house.

  • Laser Cutting: Have an intricate customer facing project that requires cutting thick gauge material? Laser cutting is the way to go. High speed and precision with little to no post-cutting work required (i.e. de-burring)

  • CNC punching: Like laser cutting CNC punching offers the availability to cut multiple-shaped and sized holes on blanks.