Case Study: NBA

NBA requires a massive, custom hanging structure with graphics in a hurry! 

Our Customer: ICON Digital
The End User: NBA
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue/Event: Ricoh Coliseum / NBA All Star 2016

The story:
NBA All Star game 2016 was hosted in Toronto. Ricoh Coliseum was decked out with massive prints on all kinds of media. Our customer was asked to create a hanging graphic 50’ wide x 17’ high to match the Ricoh Coliseum’s north entrance arc, but they didn’t have a drawing of the arc, and they didn’t have much time.

The Impossible: 

  1. ‍Match an architectural feature without a drawing or dimensions.
  2. ‍50’ x 17’ frame must strike down to fit into a small package. 
  3. ‍Setup time must be under 4 hours. 
  4. ‍ The hardware and printed graphics had to be light enough to be hung by two people in two scissor lifts. 
  5. Concept to installation timeline… 3 weeks only. 

How we did it: 

  1. ‍Found a picture of Ricoh on the interwebs, imported it into AutoCAD, went to Ricoh Stadium and measures a point of reference, scaled the picture to match said measurement and BOOM!!! 
  2. ‍Decided to make this out of aluminum tube, parts were no more than 10’ long. 
  3. ‍The entire thing was put together using snap-buttons and a screwdriver. Took three people two hours :) 
  4. ‍It weighed around 200 Lbs, graphics and all because aluminum!
  5. ‍Worked diligently and closely with our re-seller, the end-user and installers to pull it off within the required timeline. 

Here's the proof:

photo of NBA Hanging Structure
photo of NBA Hanging Structure  Intsallation
photo of NBA Hanging Structure  Installed

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Case Study: FIFA

FIFA requires a monster banner to hang outdoors, where there is no structure to hang from!

Our Customer: Cameron Advertising
The End User: FIFA
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Venue/Event: BMO Field / FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup

The story:
FIFA - or their agency - decided that this competition required a 175’ wide banner, hung in mid-air, without a structure, right behind the grandstand at BMO Field… yeah…

The Impossible: 

  1. ‍Monstrous outdoor installation, not to mention that there was no structure to put it on! It had to hang in mid-air. YOU HEARD WHAT I SAID! 
  2. Limited installation this was anything new. 
  3. ‍Had to be strong enough to stand up to winds coming off Lake Ontario. 
  4. ‍The shape, oh the shape… It was not a regular ole’ rectangular banner.
  5.  It was far too large to be packed, shipped and handled in one piece.

How we did it: 

  1. ‍Hanging monstrous banners in mid requires monstrous construction cranes, two of them. 
  2. ‍To speed up the install and allow for on-the-fly adjustments, we designed an installation system using heavy duty zip-ties and laces. 
  3. ‍The finishing of the perimeter of the banner was heavily reinforced. 
  4. ‍Each peak had to be hand-cut to achieve the desired look, then finished with reinforcement to stand up the elements. 
  5.  For ease of handling and installation mesh was the material of choice, we then broke up the 175’ width into three pieces and came up with a nifty, hidden, lace-together joint which the installers used to put it together on-site.

Here's the proof:

photo of giant Fifa banner being cut
photo of giant Fifa banner cut
photo of giant Fifa banner Installed using cranes

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Case Study: TJX

TJX wants in-store graphics, on walls, 14’ high to be changed out by store associates!

Our Customer: ICON Digital Printing
The End User: Winners Stores
Location: All stores across Canada

The story:
Winners stores had static graphics all around all stores. This meant that they could not have seasonal change-out of the images, and they wanted seasonal change-outs. They also wanted to save the cost of sending in installers for each change-out, they wanted to do it using store associates. Oh, and let’s not forget, they wanted to make sure that the associates did not have to stand on anything, not a ladder, not a stool, not even on their tippy-toes.

The Impossible:

  1. ‍System to allow for quick change of graphics in various sizes from 2’ x 2’ to 5’ x 5’.   
  2. Store associates to carry out the changing of graphics standing on the floor. Graphics are installed as high as 14’ up on the wall.
  3. ‍There is a light fixture at 8’ height, 3’ projection from the wall, all around every store, the graphics are installed above this light fixture 
  4. The system must be light enough to be lifted by a 16-year-old cashier, but strong enough to hold a fabric banner taught.

How we did it: 

  1. ‍We recommended an SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) system with printed fabric graphics.  
  2. ‍A custom High-Reach-Pole was designed to reach up to 16’ up on a wall. 
  3. ‍To make the system easy to manipulate and maneuver, the High Reach Poles had to be light weight yet strong.
  4. A custom extrusion was designed, prototyped with 3D printing, and produced to achieve the weight and strength objectives. 

Here's the proof:

photo of Winners wall extrusions

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Food Basics wanted to save a whack of dough on their hanging graphics!

Our Customer: Camad
The End User: Food Basics
Location: All stores across Ontario

The story:
Food Basics was installing 8’ h x 36’ hanging signs in store. These monsters were made from a 2x4 substructure which had to be hoisted in the air in three or more pieces, then fastened together while hanging followed by 4’ x 8’ Crezon (plywood) sheets with graphics on them being screwed to them - all up in the air… They were so heavy that the installation team had to spend the day before the install reinforcing the ceiling joists for the added weight!

The Impossible, to them not to us ;)

  1. Cut down their 3-day installation time. One day to reinforce the ceiling, one day to build and hang the substructure, one day to install the graphics.
  2. Reduce the weight of each sign so that the installation team did not have to reinforce the joists.
  3. Allow the graphics to be changed-out rapidly and economically.
  4. Make the system flexible so that other sizes (larger and smaller) would be easy to manufacture.
  5. Cut down on shipping cost.

How we did it:

  1. We recommended an SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) system with printed fabric graphics. Installation time went from 3 days to one night.
  2. Due to the use of aluminum extrusion, not only did we save some trees, we also reduced the weight of each structure from near 1000 Lbs down to less than 200 Lbs. That’s an 80% reduction, mmmhmmm, 80%!
  3. The change-out went from, well never, to 15 minutes. SEG is fast and requires no tools:
  4. With all the reductions, sizes went up, way up, all the way to 60’ wide by 6’ high.
  5. Shipping cost, you guessed it, also reduced by 80%.

Here's the proof:

photo of  Food Basics Giant Hanging Sign

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Case Study: shōmi! (that's us)

We wanted to build a booth for our trade show to show off our capabilities!

Our Customer: Ourselves
The End User: Us
Location: Trade shows

The story:
We have extrusions, lightboxes, tube forming, banner finishing, metal fabrication and a sense of humour to boot. We wanted to show this off in a shōmi!-esque way.

The Challenge:

  1. ‍It had to be unique because shōmi!. It had to send a powerful message, not in a bully on playground way, more like “we can make anything you imagine” kind of way. 
  2. ‍It had to come in on a tight budget, small business and all :) 
  3. ‍Light weight, we wanted to walk it into the show and walk it out. 
  4. It had to be quick assemble, we didn’t want to stay in a cold tradeshow hall till the wee hours in the morning. 

How we did it:

  1. We made a 10’ x 10’ bedroom completely out of our products. The bed was made with aluminum tube, the walls were backlit frames, the lamp was our very own change-able branded lampshade, we call her Brandi®
  2. We used our own extrusions and hardware and asked one of our customers to print the fabric
  3. All of the component together came in under 300 Lbs, we walked them in.
  4. S-waged tubing and quick to setup SEG frames meant that we put the booth together in less than 2 hours and had time to go see our families.

Here's the proof:

photo shomi booth exhibit at Consac 2016

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