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LED Lighting

As if the printed fabric landscape was not confusing enough, someone had the bright idea (pun intended) to use LED lights to make backlit fabric a “thing”.Enter the LED family of LED lighting products.
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Layouts To Save Time And Money!

What’s the one thing we’ve all been taught by our elders? That “Time is money” which is especially true in the banner business. You can save both if you layout your banners following these simple rules...
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Street Banners

Street banners are a mystery it seems, or they were until we got in the game. I have seen dozens of different “engineered” methods to finish a banner hanging over a street. Most of these methods are either too weak or ridiculously over engineered. But there is a better way...
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To Reinforce Or Not To Reinforce

Have you ever lost sleep because you just couldn't decide whether or not to reinforce a banner. Or worst yet been embarrassed because you didn't even know how to reinforce? This third installment of "To Or Not To" series will help you get through such tough situations and let you catch up on your sleep!
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To Sew Or Not To Sew

There are three ways to finish a banner; sew it, weld it or tape it. Seems pretty simple doesn't it? Well it isn't and we know this because people ask us all kinds of questions on the subject. Questions like "Can you sew these panels together to make one big banner?" or "What if I just tape the pockets in-house? Will that work?" or "What's stronger, sewing or welding?"
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