About Us

shōmi! is a trade only brand!

shōmi! - a team of geeks ready to help you turn your print projects from dreams into reality using state of the art equipment, extrusions, tubing, LED lighting products and an obsessive commitment to awesomeness!

We promise you that end users can never, ever, ever buy from us no matter how big an offer they make.

TRADE with us :)

Our Core Values

We are a positive, fun, helpful and respectful bunch

We keep our word even when it’s difficult, inconvenient or expensive

We really care about the challenges of our customers and our team

We get to know you and really understand your challenges

We look for ways to improve ourselves… All the time

Got Questions? Call the experts!

If you have a piece of printed flexible material which you want to install on something, somewhere, and you have the slightest question or hesitation about the project then you need to give us a call.

Our feedback driven design department has asked installers and re-sellers, all, well maybe not all but most of the right questions to come up with a lineup of banner hardware crafted to alleviate the worst indigestion. Don't forget, we can help you install anything on anything, that's the shōmi! promise!

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Our Legendary Team

Photo of Mahir our Production Genius
Mahir - Production Genius

#1 Cool dad, movie enthusiast and Production genius. Favourite food: Yabsa (google it!)

Photo of Roy - Chief Connection Catalyst
Roy - Chief Connection Catalyst

#1 cool dad. Conscientious, respectful, worlds greatest listener/Self proclaimed super hero alter-ego, Sci-fi and coffee enthusiast, problem-hating, solution provider. Favourite TV character: Fresh Price of Belair

Photo of Arash - President and Chief Display Problem Solver
Arash - Prez & Chief Display Problem Solver

App loving, Beard wearing visionary. Lover of back country camping and single malt scotch. Favourite Music genre: electronic dance, Favourite pass-time: creating cool s&%t. Three-way tie for coolest dad.

Photo of Shadi - Graphic and Web Designer
shadi - Graphic & web design Extraordinaire

Creator of pretty things. Lover of trees and beautiful places. Mother of 2 with superhero-like mom powers. Goal in life: Live on a tropical beach/island and eat fresh mangoes all day.

Photo of Samir - Finishing Mastermind
Samir - Finishing Mastermind

operator of Canada’s largest sewing machine, professional tailor, semi-professional food critic who enjoys long walks on the beach and being the number one dad at shomi!