shōmi! is a trade only fabricator

Helping you turn your print projects

from dreams into reality =)


Geeks on a Mission

shōmi! - a team of geeks ready to help you turn your print projects from dreams into reality using state of the art equipment, extrusions, tubing, LED lighting products and an obsessive commitment to awesomeness!

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We will not sell to your customers!
This is how we roll:

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Three reasons to work with us

1. Trade Only
2. Made in Canada eh!
3. We're a fun bunch

"When our retail customers have tight deadlines for their store openings, we know we can count on shomi! to deliver what they promise, when they promise. They haven’t missed a deadline yet!"
-Paul Calhoun at Sunset Neon Products

"shomi! has been a trusted and valuable partner to Big Picture Imaging since we opened our doors in 2004."
-Brian at BIG Picture Imaging

"I love working with shomi! no matter the project, they leave a smile on my face."
-Kinga at Lowe Martin Group

If you'd like to hear more about how much our customers love us...
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